In $50 Oil – Technology is Inevitable.

With December fast approaching and the oil price still lower than we would all prefer, the growing engineering teams at Streamba are hard at work delivering innovative enterprise web applications for our forward-thinking customers. The oil price may be low, but that hasn’t stopped our customers looking optimistically towards the future. This is by far our biggest takeaway from this year, growth in technology, however challenging, is inevitable. If you’re not growing with technology, you’re being supplanted by it, and at Streamba, we see it as our duty to protect our customers future revenue by ensuring they are always at the forefront of modern enterprise, mobile and web technology.

Take for example, Ashtead Technology. We worked closely the team at Core29 to deliver Aperto, an unrivalled web and mobile application that enables their customers full visibility of their rental equipment. Why should Ashtead bother doing this? Well, by bringing together Ashtead’s investment in Microsoft Dynamics with a modern approach to customer engagement, ourselves and the team at Core29 delivered a game-changing application that Ashteads customers can rely on for proactive management and planning of their offshore operations. This sort of planning and management is critical in the sub $50 oil economy where suppliers and vendors are being asked to make significant savings. Therefore, rather than looking for traditional ways to save, the management team at Ashtead saw an opportunity to work closely with their customers to help them save time, cost and error through investing in the team at Streamba to build and deliver Aperto. With an ambitious timescale for delivery, Ashtead had set down the task, thus to deliver this enterprise-grade web app, the team at Streamba chose to work with Microsoft Azure and .NET MVC5.

The tools chosen are tried and tested, coupled with the modern and new. By managing the risk of deploying the right technology for the right job, we ensure delivery schedules are maintained, costs are kept to a minimum but innovation and technology continues to grow through proven projects, constant feedback cycles and continuous learning and improvement. The moment we (the Oil industry) stop moving is the moment we fall behind, and although $50 oil is a good reason to stop and ponder, and think, and hope…. it’s also a fantastic reason break out of the ‘we’ve always done it this way’ and try to differentiate, to improve, to force through much needed reform through effective and targeted optimism. We don’t need apps for apps sake, we need improved and consistent service delivery that’s competitive at $50 oil and scales to $100 oil. We can do this in many ways, but only through leveraging modern technology, often deployed in the consumer space of Facebook, Google and Amazon, can we truly innovate and change the game. Ashtead did and it’s working for their customers, so much so they are adding to Aperto and we’re pleased to announce we’re once again working with Core29 to deliver Aperto V2 – with technology and optimism, progress, it would seem, is inevitable.