Spotless iPad App – Improving Information Flow in the Field.

This was an exceptional project to work on. We were contacted by Spotless MD Niall Moffat who challenged us to improve the way information flows from managers in the field to their back office ERP system. An offer we couldn’t refuse, we accepted and have worked with Niall directly to implement a real-time iPad site activity platform and customer deliver portal to ensure Spotless’ visibility and pursuit of exceptional quality and safety is transparent to their customers when they have long since gone home.

The system is opening doors, generating positive publicity and improving operational efficiency within Spotless. It’s an exciting, friendly company to be working with and we’re pleased to have yet another happy customer who’s benefiting from replacing paper with improved processes supported by mobile and web technology.

The Scotsman kindly put together an article here which gives a little bit more information on how the platform will help Spotless in the future. You can check out a bit more information on what we did in the customers section. Spotless are leading their field by redefining quality and safety in the commercial cleaning sector – you should be with them if you’re not already, just click here and tell them we sent you.