Offshore Europe 2015 – A Brief Summary

Europe’s largest Oil & Gas expo – Offshore Europe – has come and gone. Primed with this years theme of collaboration and an uncertain expectation of attendance, the Streamba team set out to demo the latest version of VOR on the Peterson stand at the Scotland section.

A surprisingly positive turnout greeted this year’s OE despite the predictions (the second highest recorded attendance in the events history), both in numbers and attitude. It was reassuring to see that the negativity surrounding the oil price decline has focused minds and encouraged innovative companies such as ourselves to work closer with likeminded organisations, encouraging collaboration over competition and putting our minds to what we can achieve over opportunities missed in the past (sometimes by only 200 metres – looking at you Johan Sverdrup!).

Bernard Looney, chief operating officer for production at BP explained his thoughts around innovation and in particular, the role big data can play declaring ‘Big data hit pharma 20 years ago, aviation 30 years ago, it is time for oil and gas to catch up.’ Mr Looney’s data driven approach to production was highlighted in his summary of ‘Hope is not a strategy’ – to say we quite agree would be an understatement.

This set the mood of this year’s Offshore Europe up nicely as attendees were exceptionally positive to the latest version of our ‘Google’ of the energy supply chain demo. A bold statement to make, but once visitors to the Peterson stand were asked if they’d like to see the 2 minute demo (that became 5 minutes after questions), they were pleasantly surprised and quite forgiving of our Director, Steven’s, over-optimistic time keeping.

This year’s demonstrations were about quality over quantity, as we had far more datasets from partner companies along with the momentum from OTC Houston. This helped demonstrate the ambition and progress made in the few short months between the two giant industry events. With our recent launch and news slowly filtering through the industry of what we are attempting to build, we had a few VIP demonstrations lined up, the highlight of which was Scotland’s Energy Minister, Fergus Ewing MSP. Due to his high profile role, the minister’s time was limited, but we were able to give a brief demonstration of ‘Scotland’s Google’ in action and we were impressed with Fergus’ ability to grasp the concept quickly and the depth of his questions coupled with his enthusiasm for our efforts and achievements to date.

Overall we have come back from Offshore Europe with even more energy and enthusiasm than we had going in, something we didn’t think was possible. Being human, it’s sometimes quite difficult to pull ourselves out of the negative news cycle that is perpetuated almost daily. The disheartening news of further job cuts or asset sales in the North Sea does nothing to help that, however it was great getting away from the office and chatting with colleagues and partners on their challenges and what ideas they have to remedy them. Needless to say, this was the takeaway theme for us – positivity. Collaboration may have been the official theme and indeed the goal but we learned that at Offshore Europe this year, we first need to be positive and outward focused as opposed to negative and inward looking – and no hope is required for that strategy, just the will, ambition and optimism to work together.

Watch this space!

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