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Oil & Gas

We’ve improved the operational efficiency of logistics providers, operators and servicing companies in the North Sea by increasing transparency, service delivery and profitability.

We achieved this by removing data fragmentation by replacing paper based processes with mobile (iPad) and web technology.

Supply Chain Innovation

We’re encouraging cooperation between partners, deploying innovative technologies and improving profitability for some leading North Sea supply chain companies.

We do this by increasing operational efficiency through the sagacious use of technology and process streamlining.

If you’re in Oil & Gas and looking to gain competitive advantage using modern technology you should probably contact us.


We improved operational visibility and customer retention for a leading commercial cleaning organisation by delivering a mobile software solution that enhanced customer transparency, service and their sales process.

Our business focused software solutions continue to deliver. Just ask our customers.

Business Improvement Through Technology

Improved Profitability

Our technology and evidence-based approach streamlines your business by removing information bottlenecks, reducing data fragmentation and decreasing complexity so you can do more with existing resources.

Revolutionary Tracking

Our modern mobile & web technology software solutions enable significantly improved asset tracking and utilisation by enabling data to be accessed and shared across your organisation, customers and with your business partners.

Unrivalled Visibility

By improving how you capture and present information to your customers, you can provide significant added value. We want to help you win new customers, keep existing contracts and increase profitability.

Global Improvement

Our technology is cloud enabled and can be privately hosted by you or or through our cloud partners, enabling instant deployment and utilisation throughout the world wherever your ambition takes you. Our technology has been deployed across the UK and Europe.

Safety Focused

Our technology enforces quality, health and safety processes to your standards, enabling revolutionary tracking, alerting and training to ensure  your standards are met or exceeded.

Measurable ROI

Our solution experts work with you to deliver immediate, measurable results. We’ve worked with our customers to deliver a ROI of at least 3 times what they invested. All of our custom is currently through recommendations and word of mouth.

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About Us

Formed in 2010, we’re a smart, young, enthusiastic company of technologists who enjoy putting our skills to good use. We help businesses improve and grow by replacing complex spreadsheets and paper heavy manual processes with iPads and bespoke server-side web applications.

Our Solution Architects work with you to understand the business and deliver an excellent mobile solution first time. At Streamba, quality is never compromised and we are proud to say we have never failed to deliver.

We do mobile. iOS (iPhone, iPad), Android & Windows Phone – We know these platforms inside-out and excel at deploying these technologies throughout global organisations.

Although based in Glasgow, Scotland, we have customers from over the UK and northern Europe. We are friendly, approachable people who enjoy travelling and working on interesting and challenging projects. If you like the sound of what we do and want to have a brief chat, you can contact us here.

  • Exceptional Hand-Crafted Software

    Our friendly software engineers and architects love what they do. We never compromise on quality.

  • Happy Customers

    By listening to, working with and over-delivering for our customers, they are our best sales team. We’re proud that most of our custom is through recommendation.

  • Fast, Efficient Delivery

    We like to get things done effectively and to a high standard, that’s why most of our projects are delivered within a 3 to 7 month interval.

  • Measurable Results & ROI

    We aim to deliver an excellent return on your investment. For one of our customers, we’re proud to say we worked with them to deliver a 3x return on investment.

We Are FPAL Registered #10053721

What our customers say


Extremely impressed. Delighted with the attention to detail and how clean it looks.

PetersonDirectorPeterson SBS

Thanks also for your help and flexibility these last few months and your teams application and dedication to getting our app up and running in such a short time. The fact that we now have a 66 year old Manager in our team thinking she is Steve Jobs is a testament to your work to date.

SpotlessMDSpotless Commercial Cleaning

We found Streamba’s in-depth knowledge of the iOS platform, its features and limitations a great benefit to our project and would highly recommend them.